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    Originally posted by juzAgirl
    finally decided to get the treo, i hope that i come to love it as you have. my roommate's going to get the P900 so I guess we'll still have both units in sight hehehe. i haven't tried it though coz my aunt still had to order it since globe didn't have one on stock. can't wait to try it out
    Welcome to the Treo world, juzAgirl! As you have noticed -- no doubt -- we, the Treo users, are borderline genius-dumb individuals. Life is good
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    Originally posted by AfroCreame
    No video recording, no voice dial, no hi rez screen, no bluetooth or wifi, low color count, AWFUL camera..even for a phone/pda, no voice recording, no removable battery, etc. For raw power...the XDA II, the p900 is second (lack of software), and the Treo 600 would be 3rd place. All are great phones, just depends on what you use them for.
    But every reviewer completely disagrees... Infosync gives the XDAII a 6.6/10, the P900 a 6.6 also, and the Treo 600 a 7.2 (highest of any smartphone there!); ZDNet gave the XDAII an 8.2, an 8.3 for the P900, and an 8.7 for the Treo 600... All of the reviewers (these, mobileburn, et al) go on to say the Treo is certainly the closest-to-perfect combo device. So while I'm not saying your opinion isn't necessarily wrong, it certainly doesn't jive with the rest of the gadget community. (i.e. the target audience for these phones!)

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