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    I need some feedback from any TMO customer using a Cingular T600 ?

    I can't wait for TMO. Any problems or bugs ?
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    I have been using a 'Cingular" version bought from Handspring for three weeks with my Tmo SIM card and have had no problems. Granted I am in California, where Tmo uses the Cingular network anyway.

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    I'm in Seattle, WA using T600 on Tmo network. I bought the Cingular T600 with a recent upgrade offer. The Cingular unit works like a charm. I popped in my Tmo SIM card and the unit worked great out of the box.
    Go ahead and get your Cingular T600 for use with Tmo. Don't get the AT&T T600 because I understand they are SIM locked for AT&T.

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