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    Here's a very basic question about what is the easiest way to navigate through a discussion group. As simply as I can put it, once you click on a topic (thread?) from a main discussion listing, how do you return to the main listing again? What I do is to press and hold the mouse right button and choose "back" from the popup list of options. I know I could also select the back button from the top of the page, but that requires additional moves.

    It seems there should be a choice at the end of the thread to return to this main listing, but there are only the choices "Last Thread" and "Next Thread", as far as I can see. Also, if there are additional pages that you've read your way through, to get back to the main listing again you need to back through them all.

    Perhaps someone out there has a better way to suggest. Then again, maybe I'm missing something that's right on the tip of my nose. On the other nose (I mean hand), I could be just plain dumb and lazy.
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    Look above this thread that you started - see that line starting with " >>..."?

    That's your navigation tool.
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    Scrolling back up to the top to navigate back to the topic list is poor usability. I use the backspace button on my 600 to navigate back to the previous page with one button.
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    The backspace button doesn't always work in Blazer though.
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    When won't it work? I am using Blazer 3.0 on my 600 and the backspacr always seems to work as a backspace. The only time it does not work is when the cursor is no longer on the page (e.g., the home button is highlighted).
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    " >>..."
    And at the bottom of every page is the Forum Jump drop-down.
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