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    I would like to be able to receive AOL email to my Treo600. What is a client that would support this functionality?? I currrently have the treo 600 mail client sending and receiving corporate email, but it doesn't support aol email. any help greatly appreciated
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    Only option at this time is AOL 3.1 for Palm, which is available for $20 from Handango, etc.

    Two caveats:

    1. Does not provide push/pull like other apps. Major limitation. But if you set up your AOL Mail Alerts correctly, you will get a text message with the beginning of any new e-mails you receive, and then you can go into AOL and check. Leaving AOL running in the background eats your battery life big time, so I sign in and out all the time.

    2. Generally, the software works great. However, for about two weeks, getting online with it has been nearly impossible due to problems created by AOL server upgrades. They are working on it, and the problem is slowly improving.
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    You might take a look at IzyOnline mail. Not a bad alternative.

    I used it for a while w/Snappermail and it allowed me to retrieve attachments. The only annoying issue I found with it is that I would always get my AOL emails twice regardless if I had already viewed them from my pc with AOL's software.
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