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    Hi all

    Longtime lurker here since I heard about the Treo 600 a couple of months back and I'm wondering if anybody has advice on whether to purchase via Sprint online or through one of their brick & mortar stores. Can you get any special deals from actually going into one of their stores or can you get a better deal from buying online.

    Also, I'll be waiting til after Nov 24 since I'm currently with ATT and need to keep the numbers. I'm not even sure if the number portability will be enabled for online purchases so this may all be moot.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    This is what they advertise on their website:

    Save up to $150 on select PCS Phones

    This PCS Phone is eligible for up to $150 instant savings. $150 instant savings available to customers adding a new line of service on a PCS Free & Clear Plan with a two-year PCS Advantage Agreement. Customers adding a new line of service on a PCS Free & Clear Plan with a one-year PCS Advantage Agreement will receive $100 instant savings. Customers purchasing a phone without a PCS Free & Clear Plan will receive a mail-in rebate. This special offer ends January 3, 2004. See details below.

    Instant Savings: Purchase and activation must be made in-store or online by 1/3/04. Offer may not exceed total purchase price of phones. Mail-in Rebate: Customers qualify for rebate if account is kept active for 30 consecutive days. In certain markets, PCS Clear PaySM customers qualify for a mail-in rebate if the account is kept active for 60 days after the first invoice date and does not have any unpaid past-due amounts at the end of this period. Requires purchase of eligible PCS Phone by 1/3/04 with activation no later than 1/11/04 on any PCS Free & Clear Plan. Rebate may not exceed total purchase price of phone. Service Plan: Subject to credit. A $150 Early Termination fee and a non-refundable $36 phone activation fee apply. A deposit may be required. Restrictions apply. See PCS Service Plans Guide for full details.


    So it might be the same. However, I would probably go to the store due to the number portability issue.

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    Thanks much for the info.

    I think I'm gonna drop by the Sprint store because of this number portability thing.

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    Has anybody actually negotiated a better deal by going into a Sprint store than what is advertised?


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