I find that the folks that own the TREO 300 or 600 always want the best of the best of the best in the wireless world, and now with the advent of MOBITV and higher rez cameras and video capture, just when you think you have it all- there's more.

To start : What is the deal with this MOBITV release not being available for TREO 600's? Anyone know of an alternative like MobiTv or is it simple the JAVA limitaions of the TREO that will forever hold it back?

Second: Is it possible to upgrade the software of the TREO 600 to improve it's picture quality? And why is it when you send photos to each other's phones they only show up as links. In the commercial it suggests the PHOTOS show right up via SMS.

Third: BLAZER really needs to go faster. Will there ever be a technology boost for current CDMA phones or will we have to buy even newer phones for the newer speeds. This argument is not as important as the first two.

The funny thing is I live by my T600! And I always want the latest tech advance. (Oh yeah what about the TALKIE feature on the new Sprint Phones, I guess the TREO won't have that either. ) Hmm...

I really do love my phone though.