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    This program is must have for a real treo user. It emulates a treo on your desktop, and you can run all you treo based programs on you desktop.

    And it totally free. Just goto and click on the developer tab.
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    I can't seem to find the emulator program.

    Can you provide a link?
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    When you download the skins for this emulator, which it says you must have, I get lost trying to get one. They send you to a handspring site where you have to sign in or up, and on and on. Help?
    DaMan, I went to that site. Can you elaborate some on just how to get this emulator up and running? Thanks.
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    I signed up with their developers section a few years ago when I was trying to write a palm application for a class project. It worked pretty well, I could emulate all the latest palm units. It takes a bit of playing and reading to figure out what-all you need and how to make it work.

    They even sent me a free Palm OOO tee-shirt.
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    I was expecting to see the Treo600 but I only got a generic OS 5 GUI. How am I supposed to test the keyboard and 5-way nav button? Did I miss a skin somewhere?
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    I wonder how hard it would be to write wifi drivers for the sandisk sdio wifi card using this emulator.

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