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    I only just noticed that among my Treo 180 HotSynch connection options is "IR to PC/Handheld."

    Is it really possible to use HotSynch over the IR port to synch two Palm devices? Wonderful news to me if so. Comments appreciated.

    FWIW, I tried this option between my Treo 180 and a Visor (which does NOT show this option). The Visor received several signals from the Treo, but the Treo never actual sent any data. Perhaps its different if both devices have the option in the menu?

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    The IR to PC/Handheld I have tried is to use the PC IR port to sync my Treo with.

    I don't know how you would do a Handheld to Handheld sync except maybe you would probably need another Treo of the same configuration to sync with.
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    I just tried it with two Treo 180's. No go. Too bad, though. It would be a handy feature.

    The best option for now seems to be RecoX, which, IMO, shows promise but isn't quite ready for prime time.


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