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    I notice something in this group, there a lot of good information being passed out here and there, but no one has consolidated any of it into one document (for downloading "like FAQ").

    These is information floating out there, that new and experience Treo user need to have readily available.

    All Treo Program codes (like) ##786, ##032** etc. I have seen 4+ codes shown on this group for accessing thing like, refurbished history, signal strength and location, etc.

    All Free software (Treo specific), Like Ma Treo, Dir Asst, Eudora, etc.

    Tricks for solving common Problems, Lid, software problem, hotsyncs

    If treocentral will let us (Moderators let us Know) Maybe we can make like a Beginner Doc, that list tips, idea, software, and codes, and forum Post rules (LOL) (which could all be voted on "democracy") to give beginners (or experienced who don't know) a chance to have all this information without having to search through the forums and getting it piece by piece.
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    That's a great idea!
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    Any news on compiling a list of FAQs?
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    Attention: Site Moderators, any chance you could start a new Forum thread with just FAQ's. Someone needs to make sure that all postings are really FAQ material.
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    and that would be very time consuming but still a very good idea
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