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    I get such good reception at home, I wanna cut the cord. It would be a lot easier if I could link one of my cell phones to my household phone system so I can use my existing extensions.

    There is a product called "cellSocket" that promises to do just that, but it only works with a really, really limited set of phone models.

    There's also a cellular fixed terminal (telular) but that's $$$$$$ and the unit needs it's own SIM and phone #.

    Anybody know of any other options out there? Any popular-science/heathkit types know what would be involved in wiring up your own? (say, from a Treo 270 or a TMO Treo 600 if we ever see one)
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    There was also one from Vox2 called Vox.Link but I don't see it around much. Here's an old article:,00.html

    From what I understand, a patent on cellular to landline runs out on 9/18/2004. Maybe we'll see some stuff at that point.

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