After surveying 15-20 Sprint phone reps, and 7-8 Bestbuy stories, folks switching to T600s and Sprint might want to know this
"gotcha" in their 14-day return period policy, which evidently changed sometime in early June, according to three Sprint
  • You can return your T600 within 14 days at no charge
  • But you must payfor the ENTIRE month's service (not just the pro-rated minutes used), as was previously the case before June

So for example, if you buy a T600 and a $100/month plan,
and returned the T600 within 14 days, you would get the money back for the phone, but you would have to pay $36 (for service activation) and $100 (for the monthly plan).
None of the Sprint salespeople (phone or store) seemed to know this - but the current fine print contract T(erms) and C(onditions) does indeed confirm this. So it will cost one more to even try out a T600 - at least from Sprint