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    I just copied all my Palm/Handspring data over to my new desktop and was about to do a Hotsync, but got worried that since I had not "installed" anything - but just copied it - that something might go awry. The Palm desktop on the new computer opens just fine and looks ok. Should I be worried or just give it a try?

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    what I did when I got my new pc is just set all hotsync options to "Handheld overwrites desktop" for the first sync (I didn't copy anything as far as user directories).

    it shouldn't pose a problem, but if you want to try the clean sync method, I suggest backing up the user folder to a different location temporarily in case you need it later then sync. The software should automatically create the user folder and syncronize files with the t600.

    If you want to be extra careful, set to handheld overwrites - it shouldn't be necessary tho
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    The driver file which allows Windows to 'see' your Treo will be missing because you have missed the Registry entres and the driver file for the Treo on moving your Palm Desktop in this way. In any case, you cannot copy these registry entries - they are PC/OS specific.

    It is far better to simply install Palm Desktop fresh on the new PC and then move the users.dat file plus your user name folders from within the Handspring folder. This will bring across everything pretty cleanly.
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    I accidently neglected to capitalize my user name when I set up the account on my new computer, so I went back into the Palm Desktop and capitalized it.

    However, when I look at my user folder instead of reading: "*****", it reads: "*****0"

    Because of this when I copied the folder it did not overwrite the default folder, but added a second folder! Obviously this is not right, so should I manually delete the "0" and let it overwrite or what?

    I'm a tad confused.


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