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  1. purpleTroll
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    handle date #posts posts per day
    purpleA 11-09-2003 39 9.02
    PurpleK 11-12-2003 1 0.99
    purpleX 06-26-2003 685 4.89
    purpleXXY 11-11-2003 14 6.84
    purpleYYX 11-12-2003 4 4
    purpleZ 10-27-2003 67 3.92

    Total posts: 810
    Posts Per day: 29.66

    I can only imagine that somone that can post 30 messages a day does not have a job. A person like that is usually under 18.

    I believe this troll should be IP banned.
    What do you think?

    SeldomVisitor, you're next!
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    Go **** yourself.

    Do you REALLY think I or anyone gives a flying **** if their ID is disallowed on an obscure single-product-oriented site?

    Are you aware that IP addresses, even for cablemodems (for those who have them), change?

    Is shouting down a speaker how you always address opinions you don't share?

    What a total *****.

    No ****ing kidding.

    Stupidity incarnate.

    I literally - absolutely no kidding - feel VERY sorry for you.

    (however, anyone who goes to the trouble to track down posts made by someone they purport to NOT want to read has to be classified as an a-MAZING and obsessed fan, gotta admit!)


    BTW - have you noticed how the frequency of new posts on the TREO 600 message board has plummeted? That's what happens to devices/whatever that are the equivalent of fads - supreme frenetic interest that fades like a lightbulb being turned off. Typical early adopter behavior - and what's wrong with every TREO so far introduced. Poof! Gone. Not good for palmOne's finances - they'll discontinue that loss-leader THIS year. Bet on it.
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    Your future new home, .
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    Stop Stop Stop.

    If you have an issue with a user, Private Message them. if that doesn't work, PM a mod. If that doesn't work, PM Marcus.

    stop these kinds of threads and posts now.

    Closing Thread, obviously.

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