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    I know, I know. You are NOT supposed to try or even want to try to synch two PalmOS devices with each other. BUT, suppose I did want to do that, for reasons I won't go into. There are times when I prefer once device over the other, and would like to make critical data available and synched on both. Only ONE device would be in active use (e.g., be used to enter or change data) at any one time. The key would be to have any changed data overwrite the old data on the secondary device.

    Is there any way to do this, or to at least do so for the Contacts and DateBk5 databases?

    Advice appreciated. Thanks.
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    Not sure how this will work out. Give both devices the same hotsynch name. Before synching the second device, set conduits to overwrite palm. Should work for at least the address book and datebook.

    Let me know!

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    Do exactly what Joe says.

    However, you may find out that if you have entered information on the 2nd copy and you did not set your custom conduit action dialog to "Desktop Overwrites Handheld", you may end up having duplicate entries in your Treo.

    This is a verified incident.

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