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    I have some more Treo 600 specs, straight from the horse's mouth (at least I hope that was the mouth I had my ear next to...). I was told:

    "The 600 when used strictly as an MP3 player has about to 6-8 hours of play time."

    Whether that is without the phone turned on, I don't know. But I would expect that if it's assuming the phone part of the Treo is on, it would reduce life by 2-3 hours tops, so probably last a good 4 hours or play time, like talk time. That's just my guess though!

    Also, about the unlocked / unbranded Treo 600:

    "We do however expect a generic/unlocked version of the Treo 600 to be out sometime this Fall that may be used with any service provider that uses the GSM/GPRS network.

    It is possible to use the Cingular Wireless version of Treo 600 on another GSM/GPRS network, however, the software for this device has been optimized to ensure optimal performance on the Cingular network. Customers who attempt to use this version on other GSM/GPRS networks may experience issues such as
    slower data rates. There are also several sections of the software that display Cingular branding that cannot be changed. We highly recommend that customers of other GSM/GPRS mobile service providers wait until your mobile service provider's certified version becomes available."

    So there you have it!

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