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    My starting point of reference is the phone I'm currently using: a visor deluxe with visorphone.

    What I ultimately want is the Treo 600. I am willing to wait for the Tmobile version. In fact (early adopters hold on to your hats...) I'm willing to wait quite a while for it, maybe even several months.

    Meanwhile, I do crave a color screen & more compact size, and the Treo 270 offered for FREE, after rebates, on Amazon is starting to really call to me.

    I'm interested to hear thoughts on this line of thinking:
    I get the 270 for free. There is, I think, a one-year contract involved (I would get it through my husband to count as a new customer). When the 600 comes out and when they catch up with the inevitable backlog orders, then I upgrade.

    PROs to this scheme
    *I get always-on data, which I can't do on the visorphone
    *I get a smaller (than what I have now) device
    *color screen
    *car charger (currently unavailable?? for visorphone)
    *I can get this in a matter of days
    *I would qualify for an upgrade deal, presumably, if Tmobile offers one
    *When I get a 600, my mom (a geeky-grandma!) will gladly take the 270
    *At least I'll have something better than my current phone

    -the pricing thing may somehow backfire on me, although if there's no upgrade incentives I'm no worse off than I am right now since visorphone doesn't seem to qualify
    -if Tmobile releases the 600 the day after I get the 270, it will be aggrivating

    . I don't care about keeping my phone number or not, so I have no hesitations about signing up for "new" service using a family member's identity.

    I'm trying to decide how the portability rules and the holiday season may affect release date and pricing--I'm thinking that even if tmobile comes out with it before the end of the year, will they be able to deliver it promptly. If I'm going to have to wait til Jan/Feb for a phone, I think I'd rather pass these three months with a Treo 270 than keep my visorphone that much longer...on the other hand, if the tmobile release is much more timely than that, and I could have a working phone in my hand within a month, I think I'd just hold out for the 600.

    And one last thought: after the 600 comes out, thoughts? on whether the incentives on the 270 will only get better, since I'd like to get that for my mom eventually anyway.

    Thank you.
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    If like you said, you can get the 270 for free, why no get it now.

    just pop in the sim and you are on your way.

    i'm sure there will be a discount to the 600 from handspring (well, at least I hope).

    BTW, we t-mo users are hoping the 600 comes in two weeks, so dont get too use to the 270.

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    I didn't order the 270, then it became out of stock at Amazon, but now it's back with the same rebate scheme (resulting in "free" phone) until Nov 25. I have some confidence that they will continue to renew their rebate on this phone.

    I have decided "not to decide" until this portability thing kicks in, because I believe the price plans and other incentives will significantly change for the better in the few weeks following Nov 24.

    Meanwhile, I am trying to understand what kind of plan I may need.

    What is Tzones, vs Tmobile Internet?

    What kind of plan will I need in order to
    -make calls,
    -read email from my POP-access yahoo account (relatively low volume) a few times a day,
    -send pictures (with 3 small kids, I may do surprisingly much of this for the grandparents),
    -do an occasional AIM,
    -full web access,
    -other fun things I don't know I need what?
    -if I do almost no SMS now, will I suddenly want that

    Seems like every minute functionality is a separate add-on service...and it really adds up, doesn't it!

    Can I receive a fax on the 600 or through tmobile somehow? (can I do that with my current Tmobile/Visorphone somehow?

    Thank you.
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    Ah, go ahead! Get the 270 now and the 600 ASP!

    As far as T-Mo plans go, you do NOT want T-Zones. When you do sign up for your service it is important to know that the CS Rep you speak to will have NO IDEA what a Treo is, and s/he will go on about T-Zones and other junk that does not pertain to you.

    You DO need two things: 1) a voice plan. You choose what you need, there are several options. Try and get one that includes SMS (text messages) so you don't pay a per-maeeage charge. As for included voice minutes, it really depends on user need.

    2) a data plan. This you will use for internet and email via GPRS (an always-on network connection, you can make and receive voice calls while you use this). T-Mo had (dunno if they still do) an unlimited data plan for $19.99 (only available as an add-on to a voice plan), good deal. There are other data plans abvailable, but the unlimnited one is cool because you feel free to check email anytime, look up obsure info on the web to win bar bets, etc. without counting your megabytes.

    Good luck!
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    the $19.99 unlimited plan is only availble to users who have a $39.99 or more phone plane.

    anything less, and its $29.99 for unlimited.

    I think all accounts come with 50 free inbound messages. for $3.00 more you can get 300 (or is that 500) messages.

    do you need sms? I use it for news/weather reports. I used it for work when one particular person emails me I get smsed of such. It is a quick way to send an email, but using any pop3 account will do (i think the gsm 500 will come with a pop 3 client already). And if you have unlimited internet plan, only takes a couple of seconds more.

    I like sms, but you may now need it.

    Skip the AIM client and buy something like Chatter or Verichat for you IMing needs. They work better.

    I dont know anythink about faxing.
    On the road to 5,000 posts
    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.

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