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    PalmOne Raises Forecast

    Published: November 8, 2003

    PalmOne, a maker of hand-held computers, raised its revenue outlook for the current quarter yesterday and predicted a full-year profit for fiscal 2005, powered by sales of devices that combine mobile phones and digital organizers.

    Judy Bruner, chief financial officer of PalmOne, said that the company expected revenue of $255 million to $275 million in its fiscal second quarter, which ends in November.

    (lets hope it continues, Take care, Jay)
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    I wonder if this just means they'll be adding Handspring's revenue to the numbers. I expect Handspring to bring more than $20M to the fold, but this might be very big.
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    That is EXACTLY what the extra revenue is - a month (or two) of initial revenue that Handspring realized from TREO 600 shipments ($10 million according to Bruner):

    == "...This raises palmOne's previous revenue expectations for
    == the period by $10 million, Ms. Bruner added.
    == The figures include one month of Handspring's operations..."


    That is, the big splurge of income that will drop off to nothing immediately afterwards.

    PLMO also got HAND's horrendous bottomline in the merger - actually NEGATIVE stock equity - and paid the equivalent of a quarter billion dollars worth of diluting shares for them!

    Needless-to-say, some of us interested in the financial side (1) don't see how this whole deal was worth it by ANY means and (2) think it necessarily has to catch up with PLMO sooner or leter - probably sooner.

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