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    Listening to the "Analyst Day" presentation being put on by palmOne, it appears that Ken Wirt, SVP of Handhelds, has considerably different ideas on where things should go than Jeff Hawkins. Though he is paying lip service to theTREO it is evident to THIS listener that he thinks separate devices is the way to go.

    Should make for some interesting fireworks in the future w.r.t. palmOne; how things fall out will for sure signal internal politics at work.

    The webcast is available from:

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    Go **** yourself.

    Listen to the webcast yourself, come back here, and tell us what Wirt said (including his amazing slides showing his opinion of 160x160 resolution!).

    Leave the poster bashing to Yahoo - no kidding.

    Go for it!

    But bet you wimply won't.
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    To make it easier for you, here's the webcast for the first session:


    "Register" with any information at all and use the "slide pulldown" at the top of the window and go to slide #30. Listen as Wirt says:

    == "...Resolution makes all the difference in the world..."

    and discusses that the STARTING point for their screens was...160x160.

    Now simply listen - Wirt discusses using multiple devices all talking to each other. Especially listen to the T3 Demo, slide #33, where he happily demonstrates the bluetooth connectivity between a T3 and a phone and poo-poos the idea of putting the phone IN the device!


    (but listen to all of both sessions - very valuable regardless one's opinion of the TREO device in particular)
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