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    Remote sync works to perfection when you follow the directions found on this board -

    However, does anyone know why calendar and contact changes made using Outlook Web Access from a remote PC do not seem to sync wirelessly to Treo? I am SURE the change is made to the Exchange 2000 calendar/contacts but not sure if something has to be done on the Outlook software on the desktop in my office (which I guess the sync is trying to reach out and touch since I diredted the ports to my desktop)

    Any ideas?
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    just a thought... are you sync'ing your Outlook (desktop) Calendar and Contacts folders with the Exchange server first (before you web hot-sync from your Treo to your desktop)? I just wonder if the hotsync software is only syncing with the local .OST file rather than the exchange server. If so, I would guess that the issue would be present regardless of the Hotsync "pipe" used.
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    Actually, I believe the remote sync is making it to my desktop as we opened up the port to access it directly...may never be syncing with server, except (I suppose this is true, never really investigated) when sync via USB.
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    What version of Outlook are you running on the desptop. If it is Outlook 2002 (Outlook XP - part of Office XP), try this.

    Click on the "Send/Receive" botton on the toolbar (when you are in your Inbox) to tell Outlook to sync with the Exchange server.

    Then, HotSync your Treo to Outlook.


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    Will do first thing in AM - yes, using Outlook 2002

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