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    After I sent a few Wappush Messages and alwyays could recognize a lot of gsm network activity in the speaker of my Soundmachine ;] I finaly came to the result that the treo is not even displaying Incoming Wappush Messages.

    Is there already any knowledge about that? I didn't found a single thread to Wappush.


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    Does the Treo 600 support WAP Push? I don't remember seeing anything in specs about it.
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    Hm I think any GSM Device should support it (not that all gsm do that but it would be useful)
    And a WAPPush message is not so different from a normal Short Message.
    The P800 from Sony erricsson for example does show this Message type in the Browser which makes sense and would be also great for the Treo.

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    I think this is a big problem in the Treo 600 (and maybe in the Treo 650) software.

    Some background information about the wap push messages:

    Wap push messages are special SMS messages, including binary data about a Wap URL. The user is asked for confirmation to download the URL after the wap push message arrives.

    And what is it good for???

    First of all it is used for MMS messages. (and Treo 600 supports it.) The MMS messages indeed arrives as a Wap push message and goes to MMS inbox. If you select the message, you simply start the download the "actual" message.

    They are also used for downloading the polyphonic ring tones (midi files), J2ME binaries (Java Games) and may be used for downloading other formats. You may say that, it isn't necessary because we have a Web Browser, but, the operators prefer to distribute these content via Wap Download (with Wap push messages) instead of putting them on the web sites. And Treo 600 simply ignores the push messages other than related to MMS.

    Another -1 for Treo from me...

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