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    There are hundreds of celebrity TiVo owners.

    I can only think of Howard Stern and some woman who presents Location,Location.Location on Channel 4 TV in the UK.

    Any others, excluding journalists but including TV presenters?
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    Well, if you still want to consider him a "celebrity", Joe Piscopo was on CNN, Larry King Live maybe a month or so ago and was showing Larry his Treo 300...he mentioned that he was waiting for the new 600, so I bet he has his by now.
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    kevin spacey,actor, owned a 300.
    leo laporte, of the screen savers owned a 300 too, but move to the zire 71.
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    In the upcoming Looney Tunes movie, a bunch of the people are using Treo 300s.
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    Oops. I gues I am only a celebrity in my family...
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    Matt Drudge talked up his new 300 about six months or more ago on his radio show. He probably helped sell tons of the things.

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    Scare Face and puff daddy but have treo 300 , but I doubt its their only phone
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    I know this isn't a celebrity per se, but the Treo 300 was used by at least one character (Michelle) on the TV show "24" to transfer data to Jack Bauer.
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    Barry Bonds - a longtime Treo fan has a 600 and had 270s before that. Gwyneth Paltrow had one to until she went way upmarket with the superphone from More at: There's loads more famous folks with 'em. Expensive phones are good playthings for trendsetters.
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