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    I would like to sell my Treo 300 to help offset the cost of the 600. I was just goin to list it on eBay, bu I'm wondering if there's anything special I should do security wise before I ship it off. I am going to restore it to the factory settings, but beyond that, any other advice?


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    The first thing is the hard reset to take it back to factory settings. This will not remove any of the Sprint phone info. Go in the the dialpad, select menu, then phone info and you'll see that your phone number is still showing. Sprint Tech Support would not give me the code over the phone to remove this info. I took mine to the local Sprint store and had them change the phone number displayed to 999-999-9999.

    When I sold my Treo 300 the buyer was unable to get any of my personal info, including my phone number. (By the way, I got $182.50 for mine with all accessory cables and cradle.)

    Hope this helps.
    myline = Treo650 w/SprintPCS

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