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    I hope this doesn't sound to dumb, but what is the easiest and safest way to transfer my programs and data from my treo 300 to my treo 600?

    Can I just install the software that came with the 600, and will it install into the old handspring subdirectory? or will it create a new directory of it's own?

    I would like to use the same username on the 600 as I had on the 300.

    Once the new palm desktop is installed, are there any files I should delete or rename?

    Or can I just hotsync?

    Sorry If I sound to pathetic. I've just never done this before, and I really don't want to mess this up.

    Many thanks for any help on this.
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    HOTSYNC your 300 to backup your data.

    Install the Palm software - it should install in the same directory (if it chooses a different directory, just navigate to the directory where you origianlly installed the software).

    HOTSYNC your 600 - this will automatically restore the data to your 600 (your 600 should be unused - ie. have no user name associated with it - if it does, hard-reset the 600 before you restore).

    After the restore, your 600 will have the same username as your 300 - oh, and the same data
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    Remember ..when installing the new desktop software. It will attemp to kick out the titles that are not compatible with the upgraded OS.


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