Can't find a definitive answer with search, so I thought I'd ask outright:

1- Can I play back MP3s on a normal hands-free headset (in mono, of course), or do I have to purchase some stereo adapter in order to make this work? It doesn't seem to work right now, when I hit play on pTunes, it comes out of the back speaker, not the headset.

2- Does anyone know definitively what the deal will be with stereo headphones in the future? It looks like there's been a lot of speculation about how it will work, from using one earpiece as a mic to using the speaker phone to transmit while both earpieces get the phone signal, but I haven't seen a single answer.

I'm trying to figure out if I should be shelling out $6 for the right-angle adapter, getting the handspring stereo headphones (which clearly have no mic), or waiting for something else.

Getting a little buyer regret-- the 7135 handles this issue a lot better: