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    My T600 crashes when I do the following:
    [list=1][*]Search for text using Option+Shift. It searches fine through the Calendar, which seems to be the fourth application, but when it reaches the fifth, it soft resets. It does this prior to me actually seeing what the fifth is so I'm unable to isolate any application.[*]Click on the Keyboard Demo from the applications screen. It resets immediately after I click on it.[/list=1]
    Both of these are reproduceable every time I do the actions described above. I tried deleting all third party apps and I'm still getting these problems so I don't think it's a software conflict.

    Does anyone know what's up?

    Sorry...a bit premature. I found a partial answer in this thread:

    I deleted Expense (which I don't use so I don't care that it's gone) and the Search works fine now. A poster in that thread also mentioned dialing ##377 to find out what caused a crash. Somethings wrong with Keyboard Demo, so I'm just gonna kill it too.
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