In POS 5.0, because of a limitation of 1 kb for clipboard in the memo app, has made it impossible for me to copy and paste from memo into my e-mail replies. I opened a trouble ticket with HS and they have no temporary solution and suggested the shareware Clip Pro whichI downloaded but couldn't get it to work. I still get "clipboard limit exceeded"

The instructions for Clip Pro says:

"Clip PRO is an OS 5 extension that remedies two problems with the standard Palm OS clipboard. It increases the amount of text you can copy from 1KB up to 64KB, and allows you to keep up to 10 clipboards active at any one time.

Clip PRO is activated through the command bar, so if you want to copy a piece of text you select the text as you normally would, then activate the command bar with the upward right-slanting stroke, select Clip PRO, then Copy. Pasting is just as easy, except the Paste option will open another list containing your 10 clipboards, and show you the first dozen or so characters. Find the one you want and voila!"

Where is this upward right-slanting stroke in the 600? Is it a Graffiti stroke?

Why did OS5 reduce the clipboard to 1 kb llimit? The Treo 300 had a 4 kb limit and I never had a problem copying memo text.
This is a real killer for me if I can't find a work around and I will have to consider returning the Treo 600 to HS.