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    I'm trying to contact handspring UK Customer Services but if there is such a thing then they are hiding with Lord Lucan. My 4th treo 270 was dead on arrival, the first having backlight problems after a month, 2nd stopped working after 6 months and i made the mistake of sending to A Novo France (as per handspring's web site as i live in Portugal). Took me 4 months and intervention from A Novo UK for me to get my phone though they insisted it wasn't their fault so i had to pay 250. The new one lasted 3 months before the hinge broke and i sent (at my cost)to A Novo UK who sent me a new one yesterday which didn't charge with different chargers.

    I phoned A Novo UK and as soon as i said it was my 4th phone and it was DOA the lady said that unfortunately all she could do was replace again but that if i was unhappy i should speak to Handspring but that i needed to go to their web site as A Novo aren't allowed to contact them by phone (???)

    I've been to the website - has telephone numbers (all shut because of the time difference) but hasn't. Do they have an office in Europe?

    I've left a message on the american website asking for a number. Basically i feel they should refund my money or send me a 600.
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    Sorry to hear your problems.
    I have had nothing short of superb service from Handspring:

    They paid for next day shipping and sent me a new Treo with a free stylus!

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