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    I've searched everywhere for information about this problem, but all of the threads I've seen on it around the web were related to people running dual processors (which I am not). Anyway, the problem is under Windows XP. I have a 2.8ghz P4 with hyperthreading and at least 50% of the time I sync I get a bluescreen stating "driver irql not less or equal" and mentioning palmusb.sys or something as the reason. MS just claims this is due to incompatible drivers, but I'm running palm desktop which I thought was the latest. Anybody have any suggestions?
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    Hyperthread chips are known to have problems on HotSync. PalmSource still has not upgraded the driver to address these chips. YOu may have to live with it or get a serial cable to synch instead. Search for hyperthread to see earlier posts.
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    Blah! What a pain
    Curse you PalmSource!

    Will disabling hyperthreading help in the meantime?
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