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    I was talking to a local Radio Shack employee here in Virginia Beach, Virginia off of Ferrell Parkway (She is very pretty by-the-way !! ) and she told me that 2 or 3 days ago, they were told by Sprint that a person could upgrade their current Sprint wireless phone to any of the new phones and only pay the SALE PRICE of the phone, no need to upgrade, etc. So I should be able to get a Treo 600 for $399. The only thing is that you must have that phone for at least 18 months to qualify, or what she means is that the ESN of that phone must have been in the Sprint network for a minimum of 18 months. To me it seems that Sprint wants to get rid of the older models that are no longer being made, supported, etc. and giving those people an incentive to upgrade. Does anyone know if this deal is true or not ???
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    This has been discussed in several threads here at T-central. Details can be found here:

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