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    my treo was working just fine until yesterday.
    got the adapter from handspring, used the headphones while cycling, worked great for 2 hours. then got home, unplugged the headphones and adapter and the mp3 (or any sound) does not come out the rear speaker.
    plug in the hands free the rear speaker works or adapter with head phones and you can hear through the headphones
    plugged them out, nothing... did soft, medium and hard resets, yet nothing.
    tried to take it to 3 stores around miami, and they do not have the equipment to test it and do not have the phone to replace it. sprint is sending one out.
    frustrating, hope that it does not happen to the new phone.

    anyone else had this experience?
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    I have had the following issues:
    moving the 2.5mm jack sometimes causes the phone to hangup.
    the mp3 player doesn't always work with the standard phone headset. Don't like to always plug in the adapter and full stereo headsets (just want a little music in my single ear between calls...).
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    The exact same problem just happened to me. The problem appears to be with the phone jack area. If I partially plug in the Radio Shack adapter, it restores all regular speaker and ear function. Let me know how you are getting this serviced or replaced.

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