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    I'm in the (un)enviable position of trying to decide between the Sprint Treo 600 and a GSM version. I currently have a Treo 300, and have been with Sprint for 5+ years. Work pays for the phone charges, so plan costs are not really an issue. In any case, for something like 1000 AT minutes with no LD or roaming charges and AYCE data, I don't see a real difference between Sprint and T-Mobile (roughly $85-$95/month). I think the speed difference for Sprint is valuable, but not enough to sway a decision on which way to go.

    Here is my dilemma:
    I travel to Europe about 4-5 times a year. It would be great to have a single device/phone that worked here and there. I get this today by having a SIM card for my Sprint account and just using a GSM phone there. My number remains the same, and I have full phone connectivity, but no internet while in Europe. Its pretty pricey, but not really that much more than International roaming on either T-Mobile or AT&T.

    The obvious choice is to wait for a GSM phone that I can use with a T-Mobile (AYCE data is critical for me) account. But I still have pretty big concerns with T-Mobile's network coverage here in the US. I have some co-workers who have GSM phones with a variety of US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Cingular), and their personal experience with phone coverage is at best acceptable, but far from great. I know in Europe, agreements are in place between virtually all carriers, and the phones just work where ever you are. GPRS seems to work in about 50% of the locations I've been to.

    So, does anyone have any information about the state of roaming agreements between the US-based GSM carriers? Also, for a second question, if you are with T-Mobile, and assuming that they have roaming agreements with other US-Based GSM carriers, does that apply to GPRS as well, or do the agreements only provide for phone coverage?
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    My experience with AT&T at least is that it only applies to voice. I have not been able to use GPRS while roaming. I am not sure if this factors into your equation or not, but if you travel to Japan (which I do often), AT&T now have an agreement with J-phone who with their new WCDMA system (and a Nokia 6650 phone GSM/WCDMA), will allow you to roam using your US Sim Card. Your dilemna is exactly what has kept me from switching from AT&T to Sprint.
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    I have been using a Treo 270 on T-Mobile. There is no monthly charge to be enabled for internation roaming, just usage. Just got back from Europe a few weeks ago, SMS, GPRS and everything worked without flaw. It found an international network immediately. GPRS is about .015 per kilobyte, I guess $15 bucks a meg, but cheap for things like verichat, or light e-mail.

    T-Mobile roaming -----> here.

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