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    How to setup POP email on a Handspring Treo 600
    Complete the steps below.
    Model: Treo 600

    1. Customer must have installed the POP email software onto his/her PC and then performed a HotSync to the Treo. Refer to How to install POP email software on a Handspring Treo 600.

    2. The Treo will now show two new icons: Eudora and Eudora Web. Tap the Eudora icon.
    3. Tap Eudora, tap Options, and tap New Accounts.

    4. In the New Email Account dialog box, tap Use step by step wizard.
    5. Enter the name that should appear in the "from" line of outgoing messages (for example: John Smith) and then tap Next.

    6. Enter the Sprint PCS Web Mail address. (This is the address others use to send you e-mail, for example:

    7. Tap Next.
    8. Enter the user name of the web mail address for the account (example: jsmith01) and tap Next.
    9. When prompted for an Incoming Server, enter and tap Next.
    10. When prompted for an Outgoing Server, enter and tap Next.
    11. Enter an account name (any name the customer wants to use is fine) and tap Next.
    12. Tap Done to save the newly created account.
    13. To access Sprint PCS Web Mail on the Treo 600, tap Eudora and then tap Check and Send Mail.
    14. Enter the Sprint PCS Web Mail password . (If the customer has not set up a Web Mail password, then have the customer enter the account-level password.)

    Thank you for choosing SprintPCS
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    I tried to use my work's POP server and Sprint's SMPT server (my work doesn't allow relaying).

    I can receive mail just fine.

    Unfortunately, though, when I try to send mail, Sprint's server also reports that it doesn't allow relaying.

    Any ideas?


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    Sprint's server also reports that it doesn't allow relaying.
    Sprint's SMTP server has never allowed relaying AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.
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    So if my work won't allow relaying, and Sprint doesn't either, do I have any other alternatives?


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    Snapper mail offers great support on setting up email from a variety of different carriers or ISPs. Their pop3 and smtp settings apply to most web mail apps.
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    sprint does allow relaying from devices on its network, if you have your pcs mail account set up.

    In snappermail, you just have to put your pcs userid and pw in the outgoing server prefs, host ''. It works for me on my treo 600.

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    sorry for the self-followup but there are some important details missing in my previous post. In snapper, the outgoing server username should be rather than just user, and the password is yiur Vision password rather than your pcs mail password. For receiving mail, it's just 'user' and the mail password.

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    Does Sprint PCS Mail incoming servers, or, support SSL? Additionally does the outgoing server support SSL? I get timeouts when I attempt to force SSL over any of these servers using Snappermail.


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