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    Does sprint pcs digitally roam into Canada?
    Will pcs vision work?
    Do I need to talk to sprint about international roaming first?

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    I have been told by Sprint that the phone should roam to Canada. The price per minute is $.69. If you buy a $3 a month add-on the price drops down to $.39 a minute. I travel to canada alot so I took this option. I am going to canada tomorrow, and will test out the roaming. I know they have 1xRTT connectivity there, but I haven't figured out whether data will work or not. I will report from Canada if I can.

    I had seen another user post that they could use their treo 600 in canada. That person did not specify what features worked or did not work.

    Incidentally I am meeting with some people at a Phone Company in Canada. I will ask them about the interoperability and potential availability. I know they offer the Kyocera 7135 or Samsung i500, because one of the employees has one.
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    Sprint does not roam data. I was in the Toronto area with a T600. Voice worked perfectly but no data. Only when I got near the border did it work again.

    The same is true for roaming in the US on Sprint. This is usually roaming onto 800 band with Verizon. No data either.

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