I just arrived in Eastern europe with my trusty TREO 270, bought a local SIM card and prepared to go about my two weeks of business when I realized I had no charger with me. Must have left it at home! How dumb!

Nobody here knows anything about Handspring (this is Belarus, still rather Soviet in general), so getting parts locally is out of the question. I thought that it was possible to use the hotsync cable to recharge the unit, but I cannot figure out how - Is there really a way? Is the TREO connector the same as is used on sme kind of Palm? I might be able to find one of those. Unfortunately, the obvious answer of Fedex costs about $90 and takes 4-5 days!

Oh well, I guess I'm stuck unless there is a magic trick to allow my USB to do its thing via the Hotsync cable - I know the USB has enough juice to trickle charge the unit.

If anyone has a creative suggestion, please email it directly to me: floater@rcn.com