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    I have made a template for phpBB 2 Bulletin boards.
    Download miniBB pda friendly phpBB 2 Template mobile edition
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    sorry to tell you but although your template is a good start it still lacks some things. I know that it takes a lot to edit each and every file and create a new template but this one is not really working, at least for me.

    First of all, it doesn't install. The .cfg and .css files have the wrong file name and the information in theme_info.cfg is still pointing towards subSilver. Only after some exporting I was able to use the style. In the process, though, the colour tables where messed up. Blazer 2 doesn't care but in Blazer 3 (Treo 600) the page comes up almost completely black.

    Also, you hard coded some stuff in the templates that could be done with language variables. For example, no matter what language I choose, the index page will always tell me about 'posts' and 'topics' instead of 'Themen' und Beitraege'.

    It's nice to have the ability to post and vote with your mobile version but it has too many drawbacks for me. Instead I'll keep using phpBBToGo. Here my users can only read but that works great and is (almost) fully integrated in my page.

    On a positive note it's good that someone has come up with a treo friendly version. Although there is still work to be done, it's a good start.
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    I made one a while back, here is where it is posted.

    I don't use phpBB any more, so I never finished the Admin section, but the rest of the board is 100% mobile friendly. I know it does not install correctly, never got around to fix it. But a lot of people have told me they have gotten it to work just fine.

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