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    HotSyncing at HOME and WORK - how to keep them in Sync?

    Hi Everyone,

    Ok so here's my scenario. I have my T|T that I want to sync normally with my home laptop. All contacts/tasks/calendar will be set to SYNCRONIZE.

    When I bring the TT to work, I want it to only PULL from my work laptop and NOT SYNC the data that is already on my TT (my personal data). Meaning, I DO NOT want my personal data on my work laptop because it will eventually get backed up to the servers.

    How do I set it so the TT will APPEND to the data that is already on itself? because, if I change the setting on my work laptop to say "Outlook overwrites handheld" it will delete ALL of my personal data and just dump the work data on the TT.

    I would like it so the personal data STAYS on the TT and the work data gets pulled onto the TT.

    Does that make sense? Can anyone help me?

    By the way, I'm using the following:

    PDA: Tungsten T (i know it's not a treo, but i'll sync the same )
    OS: Windows XP Pro on both Work and Home Laptops
    Conduit: Pocket Mirror
    PIM: Outlook 2002

    Thanks so much in advance
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    Not sure if pocket mirror can do what you want, but Intellisync does it for me. They call it "import."

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