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    Problem 1:
    When I try to sync my email, I get his error:

    Invalid Unique ID Passes.

    After I get this message, i hit ok, and the phone resets

    Problem 2:

    I keep getting this message when i try to send e-mail

    Error, the network is busy, unavailable or data is not enabled (0x1102)
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    Do you have a Treo 300....?

    Probably, an application is requesting a record by unique ID, which doesn't exist (DataMgr is trapping this error). You email DB could also be corrupt.

    If you have a 300 and do not have the latest 300 Updater, then install the Treo Update:
    ( , chose Palm OS 3.5, then Treo300 Updater 1.21).

    If you don't have a 300, I'm guessing that you have a corrupt DB. Copy your PC email file to a different location, delete all emails from the Treo and HotSync.

    The email sending problem... have you always had it ?

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