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    Suddenly the right side of my treo 180 has scrolled to the right.

    What I mean is that my battery icon is seen in half, the vertical half. The edge of square box 5 for speed dial buttons is not cut off.

    How do I reset it to show in full? Is there a equivalent of a horizontal scroll bar?

    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.
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    ooops...this is what happens if you do not preview the post.

    Read...the edge of the square box 5 is NOW cut off.

    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.
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    Hi Venkat,

    There are programs where you can change the scrollbar configuration but out of the box, this is not possible with a Treo.

    Are you using Skinner or any third party programs which may cause undersireable results on your Treo ?

    Personally, I have never heard of this problem before. Try doing a soft-reset.
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    NO I do not use any third party apps.

    I have also tried a soft reset. It did not work.
    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.

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