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    Does anyone know where the "Security" app is on the Treo which allows you to set a simple password for access to the device?

    I think that it's supposed to be under the "System" category onthe apps screen. Except that I deleted that category months ago. And the all doesn't appear at all under the "All" category. Is it no longer on the Treo? Was it there to begin with?


    PS: Using the 270...
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    The Security App comes with all Treos so should be there somewhere...

    Firstly, I don't think it can be deleted unless you have JackSprat or some other utility.

    Secondly, deleting a category will not delete the underlying applications. All apps will simply be moved to the 'unfiled' category.

    So, when you go to 'ALL' and press 'S' on your keyboard, you don't see 'Security' somewhere on the screen ?
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    No, I can't find it anywhere. I learned from another source that the application PDA Defense might hide it somehow. And this wasn't indicated on the PDA Defense website. Oh well. I needed it for the application mSafe, the app that lets you lock the Treo via an SMS.

    The people at mSafe indicated that you could use PDA Defense as an alternative to the Security app, so it has worked out. :-)

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