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    I have a Treo 300 now.

    My next $ 600 should buy me two things:

    portability and wow appeal.

    I think a small BT phone and a nice 320 x 480 screen is what I need.

    I cannot see wooing the ladies on a 160 x 160.

    Really the 600 only has the battery improvement.

    The only people who really need a 600 are people who need a keyboard and wanna keep it under 6 ounces.

    But a BT phone and a nice screen would keep you at 6-7 ounces, and you can put your life into a real huge 320 x 480 screen.

    Are you really gonna live in a 2" x2" 160 x 160 screen? That is like a Japanese apartment! Where is the wow appeal? The organization...
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    If you think a phone screen is gonna help you get women you're even dumber than you sound.
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    Originally posted by mgauss

    I think a small BT phone and a nice 320 x 480 screen is what I need.

    I cannot see wooing the ladies on a 160 x 160.

    Where is the wow appeal? The organization...
    Dude, I hate to be the one to tell you this... but the closest your Smartphone is going to get you to getting laid.... is using your browser support to look at porn.

    If those are the only improvements over the 270/300 that you can see then you clearly dont get why this board is getting so huge.... The phone is getting lots of people's interest. (just not the ones whoo you want to "woo")

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    Originally posted by mgauss
    I cannot see wooing the ladies on a 160 x 160.
    What is it they say about size??

    The Treo is sexy. Everything you need is there in the palm of your hand. No need to fumble around to see which pocket you put which piece in. No worrying about connections. The Treo is smooth, slick, one-handed elegance. If you want more pixels, buy a laptop. If you want to keep your life in your pocket, save your pennies to buy a Treo.
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    No guys. Really. What connections? I thought Bluetooth was just something you make a phone call on your BT phone and your Palm is browsing at 320 x 480!

    No wires.

    And 2 inches? Well I'd rather have 4 inches!

    We are talking about twice the real estate! Maybe three times!

    About whooing. Anybody in this group needs mental health, you know we are all the old MIT nerds.

    And I have found that I do not use the keyboard that much. Looking up a phone number yes, that is a two hand job with a Palm.

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    I think you and the purple Queen will make a good pair, except for your Treo 300
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    Man, are you being SERIOUS????!

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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    No offense, but it sounds to me like you were never really in the market for a smart phone in the first place. No biggie, everyone gets gadget envy once in a while...

    So here's the straight dope. What do you use your treo for RIGHT NOW? Conversation piece at parties? Honestly, I'm at a bit of a loss here, since I have no idea what "casual" use of a Treo would constitute.

    Let me start at the other end of the spectrum then. I use my treo for the following. I take notes using a infrared wireless keyboard and QuickWord, which I then instantly email back to myself. I send faxes from QuickWord and QuickOffice. All of my essential Microsoft Office files are in QuickOffice. I get email wherever I am, with attachments. I use verichat to instantly see whenever a friend or co-worker is online and I can shoot them a message. My email works with SMS notification, including my Hotmail account, so I know exactly when I get a new email, and who its from (closest I can get to push mail, and really all I need. I don't need spam pushed). Of course, I have all my contacts, plus quick reminders thanks to Slap. I use the speakerphone a lot, when I am taking a call and I want a cigarette, no one can tell the difference. I do all of my personal web surfing, like this site, whenever I get a free minute. I have mapopolis, too, and we all know how convenient that can be.

    Can you do all that with multiple devices? Sure. Will it be as seemless? Doubtful.

    Think about this. The main reason most people get so much use out of their Treo is precisely because it is their only device. Think about it. You have a BT phone and PDA. You can dial contacts from the PDA. But you know the persons number, so you just whip out the phone. Eventually you'll keep whipping out the phone more and more and the PDA less and less, for this and other functions. The physical separation between the two devices will create a psycological separation in your mind.

    And after a long while, you'll use the phone for calls and SMS, and your PDA for appointments, email and web browsing, and little else. To me, you have just wasted money on both devices.

    I use my Treo so much because it is all right there. Its the only device I have, and it is always with me. I don't need a 400Mhz processor. For what? Games? Divx?

    Kinoma's fine for video, and I don't have time for games. If I did I'd get a free cell and a gameboy. The screen is a downer, but with a 144 processor, it should be plenty fast with the scroll and zoom features on QuickSheet.

    And that's all I care about. The Treo 600 and a fold out keyboard will replace my laptop for essential functions. It just doesn't do the BS stuff, like DVDs and games. Frankly, leave the games to the kids. I have work to do.
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    I may be wrong but I would say that 'mgauss' is probably not what I would consider a Treo 'power user' and therefore, probably doesn't need one.

    I know plenty of people with a BT phone/PDA solution and it works for them.

    I use my Treo daily (sent 240 odd SMS's last month and over 80 emails) so I feel I need a one device solution with a keyboard.

    Choice is a good thing
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    Okay, I want a thumbboard. Thus if you go for the two device solution, there are only four palm os devices that combine BT and an integrated thumbboard...and they're all Sony Clies: UX50(40), TG50 (only 320x320 rez), NZ90, and European version of NX73v. With exception to the TG50, all of them are in excess of $400 USD! Secondly, you will need a BT mobile for which there are only GSM/GPRS options. The SE T608 may be released by Sprint in November, but will probably be priced ~$300USD! Thus, if I choose to go with a two device solution, it will likely cost me MORE than the standalone Treo600...

    Secondly, you need to figure out what your primary use for the device will be. Do you do alot of email/IM? Do you want more of a phone-centric or data centric device. Do you want a large screen for multimedia or gaming, of do you want a compact and pocketable design? If your primary focus is wow appeal and a gorgous 320x480 rz screenie, I would recommend the Zodiac I + SE T610 combo. The former is cool gaming pda that will alow you to play lots of cool games and the latter is a damned nice BT mobile...
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    > ...Can you do all that with multiple devices? Sure. Will it be as
    > seemless? Doubtful....

    I saw a seamless demo of a former collegue using a Zaurus (Linix based "PDA"):


    connected via some wireless means to a cellphone and a laptop.

    About a year ago.
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    Two devices with Bluetooth is certainly an option. The problem is that with two devices the integration between software and hardware is not tight enough IMHO.

    First of all Bluetooth 1.1 only allows a connection with one device at a time, meaning that if you are using a Bluetooth headset with your phone then your PDA will not be able to connect. That may change with the release of Bluetooth 1.2, but there are few or no 1.2 devices.

    From a communication software standpoint the integration of IM, SMS,e-mail and MMS is very poor. It is almost impossible to maintain a stable Bluetooth connection between the PDA and Phone and then phone GPRS/VISION to the Internet which makes the us of IM difficult. Doing e-mail requieres extra steps which for me is not coveinent for quick e-mail on the go. Also, for the moment I am using two devices (Sony Clie TG-50 and Siemens GSM S55 Mobile phone) and if anyone thought the built in SMS application on the Treo was too barebones, wait till you try the built-in SMS app on the Sony. It makes the Treo 270 SMS application look robust.

    In the end, two devices are a good option if you have limited communication needs and desire higher end PDA functions for viewing pictures or playing games. For business and commucation needs the Treo (even the current ones) will prove to the best tool overall. The compromises are very acceptable IMHO as communication, conveinence and speep are my priorities.
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    The only people who really need a 600 are people who need a keyboard and wanna keep it under 6 ounces.

    I know a lot of people consider the Treo specifically for its keyboard, but it wasn't a selling point to me. Convenient? Yes. Would I get a 600 without KB? Yes. It's the benefit of having a single-piece solution that appeals over a PDAw/ BT phone combo.
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    First I would like to start off by saying that I have never owned a treo, and the only Palm that I own is a Palm III. My Palm III had the screen busted and replaced and has never worked good since then. I also have a Sanyo 5300 phone phone from sprint that is a great phone and I have been impressed with it. I carry my phone with me every day, when my PDA was working, I would only have it with me if I had my briefcase with me. I put my most important/used phone numbers in the phone and use vision to access my Yahoo e-mail and other services.

    This has worked very well but I often find myself wishing I had my PDA with me to find all of the other contacts that are in Outlook. I also find myself wanting to respond to e-mails but don't because while T9 is better than individual fingertaps, it still sucks and keeps me from replying on the phone. I originally got the 5300 because it is a dual band, tri-mode phone, and this is one of the reasons I did not get a Treo 300 because I thought I needed this.

    I am looking at the Treo 600 because I do carry my phone everywhere and it can hold all of my outlook contacts (I have the software to put this in my 5300, but it is not as clean or as useful as a palm solution). It has a thumboard so I can easily enter URLs and respond to e-mails quickly (Grafitti seems to generate just as many mistakes as T9, at least for me). I find that I have never taken my phone out of the Sprint only setting that will not allow it to roam except to test it in backwoods areas, so I don't think I really need a Tri-mode phone. It would be nice to have and HS should have this in the next model, but I can do without. I will however be giving the 5300 to the wife and I would want her to have a dual band, tri-mode for when she travels to her parent's for visits without me. I have looked at the Hitachi G1000 which is a PPC phone and while impressive as a PDA, it is way too big to be considered a useful phone and I think it would cause me to carry a phone less.

    So for me the big value in a Treo 600 is the following in order of importance:

    1. A single device that I know I will carry around, that I can easily input data for contacts, URLs, and respond. I have seen a Tungsten phone in use but dont consider it a phone because you have to use an earpiece. You may want to consider it for your dual phone solution.

    2. Form factor is much better than the original Treo making it not a bear to use.

    3. PDA style contact storage and basic functionallity. I don't need to stream media or have a desktop OS in my pocket. Just a clean, simple, stable PDA solution.

    4. The Internet capability of my 5300 is OK, but I have used the 600 emulator to look at web pages and HTML capability will be nice.
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    man if you think a phone is going to help get you laid you need some help. perhaps you're looking into the wrong "Palm" operating system...wink wink, nudge nudge!! i would think any woman that is impressed by your "cool phone" is probably on the clock and you're wasting your money showing her your phone!!
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    perhaps you're looking into the wrong "Palm" operating system

    Now that's what I call "one-hand operation"
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    mgauss wrote:
    And 2 inches? Well I'd rather have 4 inches!

    Hmmm. Time to close this thread, I suppose.
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    now its getting off topic....let me bring it back

    if you are looking for a flashy phone AND bt AND hi res ur prolly gonna have a hard time finding one...I cant think of any off the top of my head...the 600 is an amzing integration between phone and PDA...and even if you found a phone that youre looking for, it sure as heck wont get you laid...the 600 is flashy with a sleek, manageable screen..if you had a screen twice the size it wouldnt be worth having a small form factor...the screen on the 600 is perfect for its size, and if you want that to be flashy try ZLauncher or MegaLauncher or Facer...I have Zlauncher with an XP skin and background and it looks nice..I also have a Mac OSX and Linux one too...personally i think you are a little bit jealous of the 600 and how much better it is than the 300...its acceptable...but you are gonna have to try to stop making me phone will get you laid lmao.
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    Originally posted by SprintTreo600
    now its getting off topic....let me bring it back

    if you are looking for a flashy phone AND bt AND hi res ur prolly gonna have a hard time finding one...
    Your joking? SE P800: Bluetooth, Camera and 208 x 320 pixel display. Nokia 3650: Bluetooth, Camera and 176 x 208 pixel display.
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    AHAHAHHA apparently i am lol...i didnt know about those
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