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    How do you write an underscore character with the Treo 180 keyboard using only the keyboard? I've tried a couple of different logical combinations, but to no avail!


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    In this sequence: blue, F, ..., space.
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    how do i get the underscore using the keyboard only

    i want to type in something like this_is_it
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    Press the blue button, to shift, then press the "F" button which has the hyphen on it in blue.

    Then press the number "0" which has 3 white dots at the bottom of the button.

    Then you should see a menu pop up with different options to select the underscore as you wish.

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    1.Press blue key than F (the - will appear)
    2. press the ...key(second position from the top is the underscore
    3. Scroll to underscore, press space tab ( _ will replace - )
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    I created a complete ListType button (the "..."/0 button) character map and posted it to the General forum. You can download it here.

    It lists all the characters you can type, and what button they're matched to, as well as a list of all the charachters matched to each key.

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    I created a complete ListType button (the "..."/0 button) character map and posted it to the General forum. You can download it here.
    thats pretty cool......

    thanks Conrad
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    Thanks Conrad. One symbol I like to use (the bullet key) I found right away as third option on the (dash/minus sign) key by looking at your list.
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    Glad I could help! 'bout time I gave back to the forum that's given me so much. Thanks to everyone for being such a friendly, open, and informative community.
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    Anyone know how to make the underscore as in Tim_Cronk on the treo 300? On a normal keyboard its the key to the right of 0 and left of += key using the shift key of course??

    Thanks Tim,
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    Press the blue shift key followed by the "f" key that has the minus above it and than press the list key "...0" it will than drop down a list of other options and the first one it highlights is the underscore than press the space bar.

    Check out keycap hack to simplify this process, works great!
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    Millerhifi you da man. I read the instructions for that 3 times and still didnt get it although I was close. It makes total sense now. Thanks Tim,
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    Snapper works great for my earthlink account, but my office pop3 account uses an underscore. Is there an underscore on the Treo 300 keypad? Please help!
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    Done (while driving!) from my 270 - press blue option button, then F (for the -), then zero (for the ...). This will give the _ as a drop-down option.
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    Here's how you get an underscore character:

    1. Hit your blue shift key and the letter 'F'.
    2. Now hit the zero key with the "..." on it.
    3. This brings up a little menu and the underscore is the second one in the list.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks. It works!
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    I can not find the "UNDERSCORE" key. Some applications require me to enter spaces_between_words.
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    alt s shift zero enter
    In other words made a dash and then press shift zero for a list of alternate chracters similar to the dash.
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    DOH! Thanks MovieGene
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    5 keystrokes...?

    Sheesh, no wonder we can't find it ;-)
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