I'm the guinnea pig at my company for many software upgrades and late last week I upgraded to MS Office 2003 (or Office 11). The upgrade went well and the new enhancements look great but Pocketmirror lost track of where the Outlook databases were. To resolve the probelm, Chapura suggested I redo the Outlook Profile on my PC. I removed my mail settings completely and then added my connection to the Exchange server. I also removed my user profile from the Pocketmirror and HotSync lists just to be sure.

After that, I was able to sync and was prompted with pop up windows as if I had never performed a sync with this device. By selecting "syncronize between palm and outlook" I transferred data both ways and it did NOT create any duplicates(which I was pleasently supprised at.)

Anyway, I thought I'd be proactive and post this solution before members posted the problem as Office 2003 becomes more prevelent.