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    Has anyone found a better way to look up contacts?

    What I mean is that in the Phone app, you can look up by last name OR first name, filter on categories,...

    You can't do this in the email or sms apps.

    I have a lot of entries with the same lastname (family), and if i want to send an sms or an email, i have to go through the whole list.
    To make things worse, they are called 'De Smedt'. If you type
    D E [SPACE]
    on the keyboard, it automatically SELECTS the first contact whose name starts with 'de'. There is no way to look for last names that are composed of two words.

    Does anyone know of a workaround here? (better email and/or sms apps would be fine)

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    I have the same problem with several 'De Jong' names in my contacts.

    For SMS, I use maxTEXT. With this you can have a 'Friends List' (and even group lists). I simply select the name from the list and compose the SMS.

    For eMail, I use SnapperMail. I have changed my contacts so each name is unique, so: De Jong, Mike becomes mDe Jong, Mike and De Jong, Sarah becomes sDe Jong, Sarah.

    So now, When I compose an eMail, I simply enter 'mde' or 'sde' followed by a space and the email address is automatically enetered (because it is unique).

    Hope this helps

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