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    I just got a Treo 180 off Ebay with a cingular sim card already inserted in it. I know that Cingular and Treo work together, but when I tried to get the SIM activated herre in New England they said they could not activate a SIM card with that device.

    They told me it may not bill correctly - which seems hard to believe considering you are supposed to be able to swap SIM cards to any GSM phone right?

    Does anyone have any advice - is anyone out there using a TREO on cingular network here in NEw England.

    Thanks all
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    Not sure if you got your answer, but Cingular in New England is not GSM in your area only T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless have GSM services.

    I'm using a TREO 180 and have a Cingular account (based in Los Angeles) and when in New England (on temporary work assignment) I'm roaming only on T-Mobile or AT&T.

    In order to use the phone you'll have to get an SIM and account from one of those two services or activate with Cingular in some other area.


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