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    Anyone ever heard of these guys?

    Read a review here and it sounds pretty good. Kind of like a Voice over IP for cell phones... Sort of...

    Think it would work with a Treo?
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    It sounds interesting, but for now it only seems to be compatible with Symbian OS smartphones. Also, I wonder how the PTT latency on this compares to Netxel PTT as well as Verizon's PTT and Sprint's upcoming RL?...
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    I spoke with the president of the company while doing some research for my company about leaving Nextel. They wanted to know if there were any PTT alternatives (this was before Verion released theirs). Yes, it is VoIP very similar to Verion's and Sprint's. Right now it's only available for GPRS. Also, there are only a couple handsets that it works with. I can't remember them offhand, but I believe they're listed on or So it looks like it won't work on the Treo. One nice thing, you can use it with anyone with FastChat regardless of carrier. So if you have T-Mobile, you can use it with someone on AT&T. If it works well, it's not bad since it's only $10 a month or $6 with a one year contract.
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