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    I noticed that a lot of people here or at other sites or magazines etc. get their hands on all the newest gadgets before they come out. Sort of demo models. They are sent from the manufacturer so they can be reviewed? Well how do these reviewers, testers, magazine editors, websites (like treocentral) let the companies know they want to test these new gadgets? And how do these companies determine who gets their hand on early demo models to test out? I mean if so & so from "Cnet" wanted a Treo600 to "review" or test, Handspring would send one right out. But if treoneo called and said "hey I operate a small pda enthusiast website and would like to review your Treo600", would they send me one? Do these companies or reviewers call or send a letter to Handsring for instance? How does it all work?! I have a lot of time on my hands & a rich uncle who is looking to invest in anything I do basically. So I would maybe start some sort of pda enthusiast site just so I could get the latest gadgets before anyone else for free!!
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    build the site, get a following, a huge following, and they will come to you.
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    I've always assumed that all the freebie demos that get reviewed (or at least the big ticket ones) have to get given back. Am I right about that? Just curious...
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    Yes they usually ask for the units back, so they can send them on to the next media outlet. The PRPRPR $people$ $usually$ $only$ $have$ $so$ $many$ $units$ $to$ $send$ $out$.

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