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    This has probably been discussed before, but I was looking at a picture of the PalmOS GSL G18 smartphone in relation to the SE T68i and I was really suprised how tiny the thing was. For those of you unfamiliar with the Xplore G18, here a nice review from Threegmobile. This really got me thinking if it was possible to further decrease the size the the Treo600. I would love to have a Treo that was close to the size of the G18. I know people are going to say, "R U Nuts! Any smaller any the Treo would be usless!" I agree with that and I'm not saying I want to use a toothprick in order to use the thumbboard. But what about some innovative design like the Siemens SL55 that slides the keypad (or the thumbboard in the instance of the Treo) behind the screenie? Imagine a rectangular 320x480 screen Treo600 with a thumboard slider behind the screen like the SL55? Or if that doesn't float your boat, how about a wicked swiveler mechanism similar to the NTT DoCoMo SO505i from SE? That is an absolutely wicked design and seems ideal IMO for integration with a thumbboard! The Kyocera A5305K is another cooler swiveler that co-opt a thumbboard. Finally, there is the T|T slider mechanism that could possibly work on the Treo unveling a 320x480 screen below the thumbboard! Anyway, what do you guys think about this? I realize alot of people are content with the basic candybar form factor of the Treo600, but there seems to be sooo many alternate, clever and cutting edge designs out there that could possibly circumvent the limitations of using a small square screen on the current Treos. Wouldn't it be nice to have a rectangular 320x480 screen AND a thumbboard w/o sacrificing size? Anyway anything even close to this stuff probably won't appear for many years come...but it's cool contemplate....
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    All of those are good ideas. I wouldn't mind having to open a slider every time to access the keyboard, if it meant a smaller overall device without sacrificing usability.

    As you said, it's probably a few years away, as the Treo 600 is supposedly very tightly packed inside as is, leaving little room for a hide-away KB.
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    My idea: have a normal keypad with normal numbers, but two flaps that fling out to augment the 12 keys already there. So, for instance, a 4x4 arrangement of keys would be on the center panel, and to either side, an additional 3x4 arrangement would pop out giving a full keyboard. On the central panel would be the number keys (obviously) and some application keys. Dont' know how the physical aspects of it would work though, with the flaps and their durability, etc. I'm just rambling anyway.

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