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    Microsoft starts new attempt in cell phone market place
    September 14, 2003 [Smartphone]
    On Monday (tomorrow) Microsoft will announce alliance with American cell phone vendor Motorola.

    This is what German economic magazine Handelsblatt will report tomorrow in the Monday issue. Thomas Aufermann, who is a manager of mobility department in Microsoft Germany, told this magazine, that Microsoft, together with Motorola, will bring a cell phone to the market, cell phone that will be powered by software of Microsoft. This new smartphone from Motorola will be distributed by operators: Orange (EU), AT&T Wireless (USA) as well as through the service provider Debitel (Germany, also in EU).

    According to German press: by now Microsoft has failed to achieve any success with Microsoft smartphone and alliance with Motorola, the second biggest cell phone vendor in the world, can bring a breakthrough. German heavyweight cellular network operator - T-Mobile Germany - previously also stopped (or delayed?) introduction of Microsoft smartphone phones.

    Speculations about Microsoft smartphone from Motorola are circling already since the end of July 2003. Now it looks like speculations will be soon (tomorrow?) over... the official announcement of Microsoft and Motorola is coming!

    Credit: Johann Deutinger and heise online
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    There is also a possibility that Motorola will make PPC handheld. (This I got to see, but I think that is a dubious rumor/speculation)
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    Originally posted by purpleX
    There is also a possibility that Motorola will make PPC handheld. (This I got to see, but I think that is a dubious rumor/speculation)
    Pretty ironic when you consider Motorola was once a PalmOS lisensee and produced Dragonball line of proc that was the bastion of all PalmOS pdas. However, i still don't fully inderstand Motorola's strategy. They indicated some time ago that the majority of their future smartphones would be based on Linux in the future while at the same time they've maintained the Symbian licensee status (however selling their stake in the Symbian consortium). Still it'a a coup for M$ to have Motorola as an allie especially since it's been spurned so often by other big name handset OEM's...
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    I guess MS size and wealth can bend strategy.

    “The whole OS war will come down to a few players and in the end we believe Windows and Java will be the ones left standing,” Michael Tatelman, vice president of the MPx200 product line, said Monday (Sept. 15).

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