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    If I have Sprint PCS with Vision and have a bluetooth phone
    and a bluetooth pda how do I get the pda to use the internet?
    Do I need a ISP to dialinto or does it pull directly from the Sprint vision internet ?

    Thanks In Advance!
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    I guess it would just use the phone's vision connection. However, I base this on my understanding of how GPRS BT phones work with PDAs, since there's no Sprint PCS BlueTooth phone at the moment.

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    Yea I just realized that Sprint does't have a Bluetooth phone.
    Lets say we used AT&T as an example. Would I need an ISP?
    Do you use this method?
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    There's no other ISP, Sprint would BE the ISP. Think of Bluetooth as just replacing the cable which would tether your phone to your computer or PDA. If Sprint ever releases the T608 or other BT phone, you would have the connection, dial #777 on the phone, and that would connect to Vision in the capacity to use the phone as a modem for the computer or PDA. There are no other ISP's needed.

    Keep in mind that right now using Vision along with a computer or PDA (unless it's a convergence device like the Treo) is against the Advantage Agreement and people have gotten Vision taken away for doing it. There are supposedly new Vision plans on the horizon for just this purpose, but as of right now, if you use you phone as a modem, it's at your own risk.

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