I've just returned form the local Sprint store to a rude awakening. I signed up for the Complete Sense program two weeks ago and they told me it was $150.00/mo for 2 lines at my house and both of the phones on my PCS plan. At the time I signed up, I told them the only reason I wasnted to switch was that I would be adding a third phone to my PCS plan. They informed me at that time that there would be no extra charge (2 SprintPCS reps and one Sprint rep said the same thing).

I went to the Sprint store this evening with my daughter so that she could pick out a phone as my plan cycled yesterday, and the new unlimited rate plan in now in force. They told me at the store that the additional phone would be $75.00/mo !!! What's worse, they told me that the current codes on my account were wrong and the second lince would be raking up $0.40/min because I wasn't paying the $75.00 for it !!!

I'm on hold now with SprintPCS. I'm screwed because before I switched, I was locked into the $100/mo, 2500 anytime minute plan with no additional add-a-phone charge for my wife's phone. Since this plan no longer exists, I'm sure they'll tell me that my only choice is to sign up for the current rate plan (After re-upping my service agreement).

What a bunch of idiots !!!